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Current Version: 2.50.00  

Latest News


Yay for work.  It's still tough to find time to work on DWI as I would like to, but there's some new features implemented and some bugs fixed that I think people would appreciate - so here's the latest version.

v2.50.00 - August 14, 2003.

  • NEW: Addition of WAVE, BRAKE, and 0.25x modifiers
  • BUGFIX: Stage numbers and various other numbers are coloured again.
  • BUGFIX: Bonus stages now default to Heavy/Maniac again.
  • OTHER: Various other bugs I can't remember that have been fixed.

Hope you enjoy!

I've been really bad at replying to emails lately - I'm sorry.  I do read all suggestions, and appreciate the feedback.  I've just not had the time to reply to all of them.  Thank you.

Just a small note: I am thinking about a fairly comprehensive re-write of the DWI code that would allow for easier changes in future. However, if I undertake this new updates may be suspended until that's finished (which would probably become DWI3).


Sorry for the lack of updates the past few months.  Things have been rather busy and I've just not been able to dedicate as much time to working on DWI as I would like.  In addition, we've had some server problems and actually making the update has been troublesome.

Anyway, I have been able to add some new features to the program and felt I should put it up, along with this newly designed website.  Hope you enjoy.

v2.49.00 - May 22, 2003.

  • NEW: Addition of "Player's Best" and "Player's Worst" to CRS file format.
  • NEW: Expanded functionality of random song selection in CRS files. You can now choose a random song by difficulty (instead of just foot ratings), and also select a random song in a particular folder
  • NEW: Courses are now arranged in subfolders, allowing for different groupings of courses. One set could be for nonstop, others for challenge; or you can divide the courses up by mix or genre, etc. You can also give each folder its own banner, like in the song select interface.
    NOTE: You will have to move your existing courses into subfolders for them to be recognized!
  • NEW: #DISPLAYBPM:[]|[xxx]|[*]; added, to force a certain display type on song select screen.
  • NEW: For users with old videocards that can't display semi-transparent images, you can now turn off the dithering effect that DWI uses if you like. Use the '/dither:0' command line argument.
  • Tweaks to how #RANDFOLDER:...; behaves, plus program now searches folder DWI file is in for a "Movies" sub-folder, or AVIs in the same folder first before using the default /Movies/Random folder.
  • Tweaks to banner display on Evaluation screen (for when song/course had no banner)
  • Tweaks to record-display for courses.
  • Tweak to beat-display in-game and in developers mode, so numbers won't 'jiggle'.
  • BUGFIX: 'tiled images' on song-select screen (BPM, stage #, difficulty) and during gameplay on some old videocards has been fixed. You should probably consider upgrading to a better card though anyway. ;^)
  • BUGFIX: Can now have up to 512 courses, instead of 64. Oops. ;)
  • BUGFIX: "combo continuing" playing on every step past 9999 combo. BTW, I hate you. ;)
  • BUGFIX: Game doesn't crash on entering course-select screen after you've added new CRS files.
  • OTHER: Other bugfixes and tweaks that I can't begin to remember. :P

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