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Current Version: 2.50.00  


Clicking 'DOWNLOAD' will randomly select a site to get the file from. This should hopefully help reduce the load on individual servers. If the link doesn't work, try it again - you may get a site that works the next time. If you would like to mirror the DWI distribution files, please email us. Thanks!

  • Dance With Intensity 2.50.00 - UPGRADE FROM 2.xx.xx
    DOWNLOAD (1.6MB)
    Upgrades a previous version of DWI2 to the latest version.
  • Dance With Intensity 2.50.00
    DOWNLOAD (6.1MB)
    This contains no songs and a minimal amount of announcer files. For those of you who want the full game experience, please see below.

Announcer Packs
Unzip the announcer Expansion Packs into the 'Sounds\Default' directory, and be sure to choose "Use Folder Names" so all the samples don't end up in one directory.
  • Announcer Expansion Pack #1
    DOWNLOAD (2.8MB)
    Contains more announcer samples from djDraftHorse!
  • Announcer Expansion Pack #2
    DOWNLOAD (1.9MB)
    Due to popular demand, here's an add-on for the first expansion pack. More announcer comments, more sillyness, more of what you can do when sleep-deprived. Also includes 2 extra handclaps for the 'Assist Ticks'.

Sample Songs
We are proud to present the unique musical artist GunDrill as our very first original music for DWI.
  • Gundrill - Not My Battle
    DOWNLOAD (2.1MB)
    This zipfile contains the song in mp3 format, the DWI stepfile, the background and banner for the game selector screen. The stepfile uses tempo-changes and hold arrows.

    DWI file with sample animation
    The animation file is provided as a demo and uses the sample graphics in the 'anim' folder. Simply replace the existing 'notmybattle.dwi' with this one to view the animation. View the README.HTML file to see more information on how the script works.

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