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If you have created a DWI utility program, please let us know in an email, and we will add your page to our list of links below.

  • BMS to DWI converter
    DWI does not support BMS files. If you have BMS files that you want to play in DWI then use this page to convert the BMS files into a new DWI file. Once the file has been created, save it to a new song's folder.
  • DDR Online DWI Show
    Web-based utility to view step charts in DWI format. They also host other information about step-file creation and related articles.
  • "Yet Another DWI Tester"
    An easy way to test files that are in development with DWI, by uKER.
  • Kamek's Utilities
    Kamek has created a tool to open files in development mode with DWI, and also another tool to fix DWI files that have malformed freeze-arrows. Also a number of originals.
  • XStep DWI Maker
    A program to create DWI step-files, by Thomas Scott.

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