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Current Version: 2.50.00  

About DWI

Dance With Intensity (DWI) is a PC-based simulator of Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) by the Konami company.

DWI is Donation-Ware, and is not for sale. Although you are not required to donate, it would be greatly appreciated if you enjoy the program that you contribute something towards the developers. People using DWI should only do so if they legally own the songs they play.

What's DWI all about? Well, how would you like to play classic dance mix songs with the new features of DDRMAX and MAX2? How about Drop Arrows with ANY song? Nonstop courses? How about 2x, 3x, 4x, 8x scrolling? Sudden, Stealth, Mirror, Left/Right modes? They're all included with DWI!

Maybe you've got a favorite song and have always wanted to play it in a dancing game? Well with a little work you can create your very own step-patterns for the song and have other people dancing your steps!

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