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Current Version: 2.50.00  



DWI was written in Visual C/C++ by SimWolf. The game has been in development since 2000 as a hobby but the project gained great momentum in July 2001. The game code was all written by hand and is not taken from any alternate source. Interesting to note: DWI supported hold-arrows for a full month before DDRMAX was officially released in arcades.

SimWolf is more obsessed with Bemani games than anyone should ever be. And for those of you who think that he coded this to avoid paying for the official games just take a look at the picture below.

This is SimWolf's desk. The man is a complete Bemaniac!

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DJ DraftHorse

DJDH is the announcer voice you hear during DWI. In the early 1990's he worked as a DJ at college radio in Eastern Canada and played retro before it was cool to play retro. He has had a blast working with SimWolf on the DWI project and continues to make stepfiles for songs he likes when the urge grabs him. He has done 2 soundpacks for the game already.

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